Tea Bag holder


Concept testing

Concept testing

With this concept the tea bag is beign attached to a holder that is mounted to the outside of the mug or glass.

This works well when the glass is standing still. When the glass is used for drinking the tea bag starts swinging around and hinders the user.

This concept does not facilitate the tea bag to be fixed to the glass or mug well enough.

Using a clothes peg does work better.

This way the tea bag can be fixed during drinking and does not get in the way of the user.

However the clothes peg itself does hinder the user itself. When the user gets close to the glass the clothes peg comes to close to face and eyes.

When I created a clotes peg that would work around the corner the distance of sticking out at over the glass was small enough not to be a problem during drinking.

This concept works well.





Where do you put your tea bag when your tea is ready and especially when you want to use the tea bag for another cup?

An internet search showed a lot of results of people that have been working on this problem. I tested the solutions that I found but they did not work to my satisfaction.

I created a clothes peg like tea bag holder that will keep the tea bag firmly fixed while the user enjoys the tea without feeling like a hinder.

To further develop the design a prototype needs to be made and tested.