Concept testing

Concept testing

The idea of using a holder that the piston can be put in while being cleaned under the tap worked quite well. When I made hole in the bottom to make the water go straight into the sink the coffee started spreading in the sink again. to prevent this from happening I attached the opening in the bottom to the sink hole.

In the final design I made the piston cleaning funnel connect to the sink hole plug.

In order to work with taps of different height I made the product flexible and therefore flexibel in height


flexible vase




Cleaning a piston in the sink is a great idea it is easy and keeps the pipes clean by removing the crease that would otherwise build op inside. However when I clean my piston with water in the sink the sink gets covered with coffee. The solution is a funnel that can be placed in the sink and is specially adapted to holding the piston while cleaning without the coffee getting everywhere

I created this idea and design to support my job application.

To further develop the design a prototype needs to be made and tested.

For the final product I propose to use TPU as a material.