Barista Barchetta


Concept testing

Concept testing

The final conept is a holder that will keep the piston stabilised when put on a horizontal surface. The piston will not fall over when filled with one hand.

During testing the holder showed not to be stable enough when presure was aplied to the coffee in the piston. Using gum I could alter the model so it did function correctly under all circumstances.

In the final design these changes are incorporated. 


Barchetta means “little boat”



The development of the Barista Barchetta started with my own annoyance over spilling coffee on the counter top and while filling the piston of our cappuccino machine. After some consumer research I found that I was not the only one struggling with these issues.

The project started with gathering ideas and resulted in making a ceramic prototype.

I have tested the prototype and used it for an extensive period.

For my job application I have decided to pick-up this old project and made the design that is presented here.

To further develop the design a second prototype needs to be made and tested.

For the final product I propose to use ABS as a material.