I am passionate about product design and human interaction...


User Experience Design

I started my journey in user experience design as student of Industrial Design at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. Experiences were not simply limited to digital products but foccused on the interactions people have with physical products through to more user interface orientated tasks. During my Study of UX and UI design at the Torrens University Australia I specialized in User Experience Design for Websites, Apps and Interfaces. The interaction people have with Apps and Websites is in many ways similar to the interaction with physical products that have interactive features.

User Interface Design

User interface design makes products come to life and are a great way for people to communicate with a product.

I find user interface design to be a fascinating discipline that is still changing and growing rapidly. 

Technical development and the changing ways people communicate via electronic devices make new things possible. In this discipline my UX design skill and Industrial product design experience come together.

Web and App design

Being educated in User experience design, User interface design and Product design my goal is to create web experiences and apps that have a strong connection to the physical world.

Creating a connection between the digital world and the real world is my specialty.

Product Design

During my years as product designer I have worked for several multi-national companies and created many different products. For me form follows function. I like to design products in a way that is inspired by and also helpful for the task the product is designed to do. When the visual design is based on the function of the product there will be harmony and people will understand and therefore appreciate the design better.


Product design

playground equipment

As a designer of playground equipment I learned to design for another age group. It takes observation and conversation to understand what children find attractive. It is up to the product designer to create a safe and challenging experience.

Packaging design

After graduating I undertook a project for Mars Veghel to design a party sized sweet packaging that would be suitable for sharing the Mars products. I created the concept design for the successful Celebrations packaging.

window decoration

Designing window decoration and screen products for Hunter Douglas is a game of making your design invisible. The products have to look good and function safely and perfectly, whilst concealing all the technical workings that are inside.

Architectural hardware

In the market for high end architectural hardware it is all about good looks. Every doorhandle on the market will help you open a door but these products add so much more….

Web design

As a website designer I have worked for a small digital design agency and built a number of websites predominantly using WordPress. Utilising my knowledge of plug-ins, HTML, CSS and Javascript I created custom made elements . I believe that testing a web application with real users and then using their input for creating the next version is key to creating a successful product.

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